Learning Resources

The volume of readily available and relatively inexpensive content available today is overwhelming. Narrowing one’s search to a single topic still leaves a daunting amount of information to digest. The problem I typically find myself in, is that no one article/blog/book/video/podcast contains a complete answer to a current problem.

My search is largely guided by my most pressing issues:

  1. Family
  2. Work
  3. Hobbies

The following pages try to group the various resources I find most useful by general subject. From there I’ll provide descriptions and links to all kinds of books, videos, podcasts, etc. My reasons for logging this information is partly to keep track of what I’ve found (in order to back-track and refresh myself), but also to aid as a reference to others so they may save time gathering the same data I have.

People & Relationships

We are complicated animals.

Engineering & Problem Solving

Sure, it works… It can still be better.

Jump higher, run further, sweat more.

Sure, it works… It can still be better.


Stopping the world in it’s tracks.