Mountain Biking


I used to "Mountain bike" as a kid... which mostly consisted of rolling down any steps we could find around town and jumping off curbs. I've had a couple of good friends show me what I was missing and now I can't stop! I've been watching videos on YouTube like crazy; absorbing whatever skill I can. Here are some of the resources I've found most helpful in fueling my improvement and motivation!

Bunny Hop: 16 inches


Global Mountain Bike NetworkA group skilled mountain bikers walking us through a copious amount of topics (skills, maintains, training, etc.). Entertaining and super helpful!
Seth's Bike HacksSeth has a no-nonsense approach that is funny and inspiring. He makes it look pretty easy, until you try it and realize he's put in a lot of time!
Skills with PhilWith a mustache wider than his handle-bars, Phil offers a humble approach to most everything he shows you. Don't be fooled by his casual attitude, this guy is crazy good.