Morning Mocha Oatmeal

I have found, in my humble opinion, a hearty and healthy breakfast that is easy to make and inexpensive. The impetus to find such a meal has a longer back story than I'll get into here, but it boils down to a focused effort to improve my eating habits; meal by meal. I had a list of requirements for my breakfast:

  • Low sugar, high protein - So many prepackaged foods are packed with sugar and lack other important nutrients.
  • Simple to make - I should spend less time making the meal than eating it.
  • Completely dry, just add water - I almost always drive to work and eat while gearing up for the day, I need to be able to make it at the office.
  • Stable - I wanted something with a reasonable shelf-life, make a week's worth ahead of time.
  • Cannot break the bank - Should cost a couple of dollars per meal.

I've never found something I could just buy that met the above criteria, so I started searching the web. I found Monica Matheny's blog about Healthy Instant Oatmeal Packets and was inspired to experiment with my own recipes. Below is a recipe that I really enjoy.


Ingredient Breakdown

IngredientAmount (grams)Cost
Quick Oats30$0.14
Whey Protein Powder (Chocolate)30$0.73
Almonds (sliced, raw)11$0.18
Walnuts (raw)19$0.27
Coconut (chips)8$0.19
Powereded Peanut Butter (P2B)12$0.18
Flax Seed (ground)24$0.19
Sunflower Seeds (raw)5$0.05
Instant Coffee~0.25$0.10
Ground Cinnomon~0.1~$0.0
Ground Nutmeg~0.1~$0.0

Nutritional Information

In true nerd fashion, I wrote a basic Ruby application that allowed me define a pantry of usable items and then make a recipe to calculate the complete nutritional data... I called it NerdTrition.

|            Nutrition Facts             |
| 1 serving                              |
| Serving Size                       169g|
|Mocha Oats                              |
|Calories                     778.309    |
|Calories from Fat            390.692    |
|Total Fat                     41.133    |
|Saturated Fat                  9.723    |
|Trans Fat                        0.0    |
|Polyunsaturated Fat           16.587    |
|Monounsaturated Fat            7.686    |
|Cholesterol                    0.053    |
|Sodium                         0.192    |
|Potassium                      0.254    |
|Total Carbohydrate            68.379    |
|Dietary Fiber                 19.358    |
|Soluble Fiber                    1.5    |
|Insoluble Fiber                  1.5    |
|Sugars                        25.388    |
|Protein                       41.995    |

Parting Thoughts

Sitting down with a bowl of my oat meal and a cup of coffee is one of my favorite ways to start a morning. Whether I then go outdoors for a high-energy activity or keep it low key with some coding, I'm often full and energized for 3 to 4 hours.

If you have been searching for a healthy breakfast solution that is easy to prepare, fills you with energy, and doesn't empty your wallet, then I suggest giving this a try. The recipe is very flexible and I encourage you to experiment with your favorite flavors and share them in the comments!

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